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How to Know Who Looks at Your Instagram 2021


Have you ever thought about finding out who’s stalking you on Instagram?

Well, it’s a feature that Facebook recently rolled out, with beta testing for its IOS users.

This feature will let users get information about who is viewing their profiles, but the question now is whether the Facebook sister app, Instagram, already has this feature or not.

That’s an official no.

Whether you use a personal account, or the most robust one dedicated to businesses and other users who like to get an in-depth analysis of their audiences, this functionality is unavailable to anyone.

If you’ve been on LinkedIn and its likes, you’ll understand how valuable this feature can be, as it lets you know the kind of people that are coming across your content and profile.

In a business context, having that little information at your fingertips can help you deploy a foolproof social media strategy that can offer so many benefits and help you meet your goals.

If you’re not a business, this feature will come in handy as it helps you see those who are stalking you or maybe being obsessed with you. Curiosity could be another driving factor.

There may be a million reasons why finding this feature on Instagram might go a long way for you, even if you buy Instagram followers UK to build an outstanding presence for yourself.

On the negative side, this feature raises privacy concerns, and most individuals would not like another party to be alerted when they view their profile. This would possibly result in a decline in user engagement on Instagram or, worst.

But the odds are that if Facebook finds success in implementing this, Instagram might follow.

Now that we understand the impacts of finding out who’s viewing your Instagram and that the platform has no disposition for it, at present, you would like to know whether there is an alternative.

Well, there are some, but not as powerful and not as we might like it to be.

If you can settle for less, here are some ways you can gain insights into people viewing your profile or content on Instagram.


Using Third-Party Apps to See Who Looks at Your Instagram


  1. reports – Followers, Story Analyzer for Instagram

A mobile app available for Android and iOS devices, InReports provides several features that may solve your curiosity by giving you information about your Instagram viewers.

With this app, you’ll be able to see people that follow, unfollow, and even those who block you on Instagram.

It also lets you see the people following you, but you didn’t return the favour by following them back.

While this may not be very powerful in giving you a detailed overview of people looking at your profile, it does provide a handful of analyses that may help you quite a lot, amongst other features as well.


  1. Visitors Pro

I love this app for its uniqueness as it lets you get information about who cares about you most on Instagram.

Some of its features include information about who is most actively engaged with your Instagram content.

Identifies 5 of your most active followers and pulls them out for your view.

Provides you with a means to view the profiles and liked photos of your active Instagram features and more.

Sadly, this application is only accessible to iOS users. Still, a simple search on your Playstore app about Visitors Pro will provide you with many alternatives that may be good substitutes for it.


  1. Profile+Followers & Profile Tracker

This app has significant similarities to the InReports app we spoke about earlier. It also provides follow and unfollow reports, manages follower requests, and lets you do much more, especially if you buy Instagram followers UK and want to keep things in check.


Other Apps to Check out

When it comes to getting information that will lead to finding out who your Insta-stalkers are, many apps claim to help you get what you want. All you need to do is let user reviews and diligence guide you to select the best one’s.

The following are additional examples.

Analyzer Plus

Profile + Unfollowers Analysis

Stalker Reports




Using the Official Instagram App to See Who Looks at Your Instagram

Even though Instagram has no direct provision for who looks at your profile, it does allow you to get information about your viewers that can help you understand your audience.


Using Stories/Highlights

Instagram allows you to see people that view your stories, and just as the stories vanish in the space of 24 hours, so does this information do.

So, you’ll have to keep checking for extra viewers before the story expires.


Use Instagram Business Account

Your type of Instagram account also contributes to the amount of information you obtain about those who view your content or interact with it on Instagram.

Having a business account gives you additional insights into raw data form.

Checking your analytics will provide useful information, including gender, location, and other information about your audiences.


Final Thoughts   

Hopefully, this article has taught us that no feature allows us to see who looks at our profile, except in alternative ways, which wouldn’t equal to making you have a precise detail of who your Insta-stalker is, or if your crush is checking your Instagram photos along with other personal reasons.

However, suppose you’re doing this for business-related reasons. In that case, a business account can help you get on track, and if you feel things are not going smoothly, buy Instagram followers and likes or engagements to boost your chances of growth to gain solid insights into your prospects on Instagram.



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