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Don’t Miss the Chance to Connect with Friends with Tamilrockers


Tamil Rockers is a small yet fun and quirky website that features a series of short Tamil films. As a fan of Tamil cinema, I was thrilled to find this site. Tamil movies are some of the most beautifully written, visually stunning films in the world. They are romantic and extremely funny. The directors and producers of Tamil Rockers do an amazing job recreating the essence of Tamil culture and depict it in a truly unique film.


Tamil Rockers has a wide variety of Tamil movies for you to download. Right, from the Tamil cinema classics to the new movies from the Tamil New Year, Apatheeksha and Anji Badam. There are even a few movies from the 70s that you can catch a glimpse of. Apart from these, there are a series of funny Tamil songs that have been embedded in their movies. These songs give you a great laugh while watching the movies or singing along with them while downloading them.


Twitter Account

The main page of the Tamil Rockers Twitter account has a button where you can sign in to make your comments or tweets visible to all other users in the community. All your favourite Tamil movies, your thoughts on current events, anything you feel like tweeting about is possible here. Some people have compared the way tweets are sent in the Twitter account to that of a blog. You can also browse the blog feed for new updates.


Follow Me Option

If you want to follow any particular Tamil Rockers Twitter user you just click on the “follow me” button followed by a character followed by a colon. You can even add your favourites to a list and see them all in one place. The site also offers a feature called the “timer” where you can add a certain number of days to an upcoming movie download or any other scheduled program. Now let’s take a look at some of the cool features in the Tamil Movie download section. tamilrockers official website


 It is easy to schedule future movie downloads. Once you set it up you don’t have to be bothered about your schedule. You can just go ahead and log into your account and your chosen movies will be there as soon as they are available. No more hunting down a DVD in the mail and hoping for a delivery. Just go straight to the download section and the movies are yours.


Add Your Favourites

In case you have been away from the Twitter verse this month and missed the big movie release day, no worries. All you have to do is go back to your mentions and add any of your favourites. Within a few minutes, the whole lot of your friends who saw the movie shared their thoughts on how good the movie was. It’s that simple!


In case you wanted to show off your knowledge about Tamil cinema this month you can too. You can simply log in and share your thoughts on Tamil movies with your friends. You can tweet as many thoughts as you want and when you have enough of those thoughts will show up on your Tamilrockers Twitter account.


 It is hard to believe that people will do something which is against the law, but in this case, the law was bent for the benefit of one group and in favour of another. To ensure that no innocent Tamil fans were hurt in this case, the directors of the free-to-download websites asked all of its visitors to contribute to a fund that would be used for the betterment of the movie industry in the state.


Since the directors needed money for the betterment of the movie industry, they were forced to shut down the site which was running illegally and they were refunding all of their contributors. Since this is not the first case of where is tamilrockers are being closed down, many people were left in a state of panic as they could not find any information about the closure of the site. Even the site’s director, Bhaskar Sahooppil, was unavailable since he had moved to Singapore to work for a film production company. All of the Tamil movies that were downloaded from the website were taken down along with all of its download links to the site were disabled.


Follow Your Favourites

Don’t forget to show some love to your favorite film stars too. The movie industry is full of celebrity tie-ins and you can follow any star and his or her fans. In case you were a fan of Kamal Amrohi (actor of Rajneeti) you can now show your love for him and share your thoughts on Rajneeti. Similarly, if you loved Deviating Minds (actress Sharukh Khan of Baahubali) you can tweet about him and his films. The best part is that your comments will show up on your friends’ profiles also.



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